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The 2014 Iteration

2014 marks the second iteration of the Ten Halloweens project, a decade-long free art project in ten parts with a Halloween theme.

Last year saw the first iteration, The Haunt in the Meadow, a supernatural tale told in a series of twelve poems and illustrated with photographs.  It was available to download free, but only from mid-October to November first.  Once the time was up, it disappeared.

Now, as year two rolls around, The Haunt has reappeared alongside the new, 2014 installment of Ten Halloweens, so for a brief time you can once again download last year’s Halloween treat as well as this year’s.  And of course next year there will be another installment, another the year after that, and so on, all the way to 2022, for a total of ten Halloweens.

This year’s installment is a short story entitled The Terminal Case, once again available as a free ebook.

Think spirits only haunt old houses and crypts?  How about a bright, sleek, international airport?  The Terminal Case may be a supernatural tale, or it may simply be a story told by an unreliable narrator whose grip on reality is slipping.

Ghosts are mostly associated with old buildings rather than modern ones, but I did quite a bit of background reading to get ready for my investigation and I was surprised by some of the places that are supposed to be haunted. Whenever new territories open up through exploration, or new spaces are created by technology, ghosts show up to occupy them. There are already rumors of a ghost on the Kunlun Multiuse Space Platform that China launched last year. A female taikonaut involved in a love triangle is supposed to have killed her rival, cutting the other woman adrift during an EVA to float off amidst the dead satellites and other space debris, making it look like an accident.

An airport may not look much like a traditional haunted house, but if we already have space ghosts then it makes sense that there are aviation ghosts too. There’s an industrial airport in Nevada haunted by an employee who shot three of his co-workers and then himself. There are aviator ghosts from World War II in Egypt and Italy, and there’s a squadron of half-visible kamikazes near Ulithi Atoll who will swarm a ship and then fade into the clouds and spume. Ghosts from more than one commercial air disaster are supposed to gather at their crash site on the anniversary of the day they died. And then there are my subjects, Toronto’s own star-crossed lovers, Veronica Heinecke and Lawrence Dean.

The Terminal Case

The Terminal Case

The Annual Image

“Darla Can’t Sleep, Doesn’t Dream,” by Nas Hedron, from the series Circus Somniorum (Dream Circus).

“Darla Can’t Sleep, Doesn’t Dream,” by Nas Hedron, from the series Circus Somniorum (Dream Circus).  Click to enlarge.


Download the Book

Download your copy of The Terminal Case in ePub or Kindle format by clicking on one of the images below.

Click this image to download the ePUB version

Click this image to download the ePUB version

Click this image to download the Kindle version

Click this image to download the Kindle version



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