Ten Halloweens – The 2016 Edition

Ten Halloweens is a decade-long art project in ten parts, with a theme spanning everything from the supernatural to the surreal.

For each Halloween over a span of ten years, from 2013 to 2022, I’m releasing a new, free work.  Each year a new work becomes available on October 1, along with all the past installments.  Then, at midnight on November 5, everything disappears again until the following year.

Different iterations of Ten Halloweens take different forms.

The first year it was poetry with an accompanying video, and in 2014 and 2015 it was short stories. From time to time I’ve threatened that future installments might consist of a musical composition, a video, or some other form of wordless digital art–and this year’s the year.

Click on the 2016 tab at the top of the page to listen to–and, if you want, download–a track from an upcoming project.



Each iteration of Ten Halloweens also comes with at least one image to help set the tone for that year’s installment. The annual image is sometimes related to the new work that appears that year, while other times it stands on its own. The first two images were standalones, last year it was a tie-in to the download, and this year brings another tie-in.  You’ll find that, too, on the 2016 page.

Click on the tab at the top of this page for any year to find out more about that year’s Ten Halloweens iteration and to download the work.

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